Welcome to the Neza Club!

The Neza Club unites a group of people together with a similar taste or general desire to travel. (Imagine meeting someone who likes traveling to Thailand or Dubai etc as much or more than you do.) We set dates throughout the year to ideal destinations basing on the weather, prices, available hotels and activities to name but a few. We leave no stone unturned while searching for the best time to visit each destination and let you join solo, in pairs, family or groups. Large groups of people typically get great deals on travel packages, so this route works well for budgeting travelers. It also gives you a group of people to travel with which is especially convenient when going to foreign environments. To top it all off traveling is much more fun in groups. (Shouldn't we have started with that?) You don't have to keep postponing that holiday because your travel buddy isn't ready, just join a traveling group and the rest is as simple as A-B-Sea!

We have curated the best group holidays for you by month. All you have to do is:

1. Pick the month or group you would like to join

2. Click "Join Group" for any queries or changes to your package.

3. If there are no major special request, then proceed to the second option: "Start Saving" to start saving for your Holiday.

4.Or click "Add to Cart" and then checkout on the Cart icon on the top right of your screen for a one-off payment.

And that's it. You're locked and loaded for the most memorable holidays of your life.


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