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NezaClub's All-inclusive Maldives September Holiday, 2024

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Malahini Kuda Bandos Resort, Maldives

Trip snapshot

5 Days
Group Size:
50 persons
Trip Type:
Beaches Tour


Immerse yourself in a paradise beyond your wildest dreams with an All-inclusive Maldives September Holiday in 2024 at the breathtaking Malahini Kuda Bandos Resort or a similar luxurious haven. Prepare to be whisked away on a journey filled with unparalleled beauty, relaxation, and extraordinary experiences. As you board your return flight, bound for the enchanting Maldives, anticipation fills the air. The gentle hum of the airplane engines becomes a symphony of excitement, carrying you closer to your idyllic destination. With each passing moment, the world outside transforms into a vibrant tapestry of turquoise waters, velvety white sands, and lush green landscapes.

Upon landing, you are greeted by warm smiles and a seamless airport transfer, effortlessly whisking you away to a world of tranquility. As you step onto the sleek sea boat, a salty breeze dances through your hair, welcoming you to a paradise unlike any other. Arriving at your luxurious accommodation, you are instantly captivated by the stunning views that unfold before your eyes. The elegant design seamlessly blends with the natural surroundings, allowing you to feel truly connected to the breathtaking beauty that surrounds you. With four nights of pure bliss ahead, every aspect of your stay has been meticulously catered for.

Navigating the resort, you indulge in culinary delights that leave your taste buds tingling with delight. The All-inclusive package surpasses your expectations, as each meal becomes a gastronomic adventure. From delectable breakfasts reminiscent of a tropical feast to leisurely lunches where flavors from across the world converge, and enchanting dinners under a canopy of stars, you are truly spoiled for choice.


05 days

Dates: Friday, 25th September-Tuesday, 1st October, 2024 

Hotel: Malahini Kuda Bandos Resort or similar. 

Airline: Fly Dubai


$2,295 per person in a twin room (2 twin beds)

$4,470 per couple.                                                                                                                                 


Rates include:

- Return flights

- Airport transfers

- Return sea boat transfers

- 4 nights' accommodation

- Meals: All inclusive: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, selected soft drinks& snack

- Fascinating submarine tour of the underwater world without having to get wet! 

- Optional snorkeling tour. 


Flight itinerary with Fly Dubai:

FZ 25SEP  EBB   DXB   19:35  02:15+1 

FZ 26SEP  DXB  MLE    09:20  14:40  

FZ 30SEP  MLE  DXB   23:40  03:10+1 

FZ 01OCT  DXB  EBB    05:50  10:30 


Notes: Rates are subject to change and availability.


Return flights
Airport transfers
Return Sea boat transfers
4 nights' accommodation
Meals: All inclusive: Breakfast, lunch, dinner, selected soft drinks & snacks
Fascinating submarine tour of the underwater world without having to get wet!
Optional snorkeling tour.
From $2,295
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NezaClub's All-inclusive Maldives September Holiday, 2024

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